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  • Long-Term Rental Services

  • TVRManagement's long-term property management program is unparalleled in Teton Valley in terms of service. The system is proven to be effective and efficient. As of the beginning 2015, and celebrating our business's 10-year anniversary, TVRManagement is handling over 100 long-term rental properties. We have a top reputation for leasing properties quickly and to qualified tenants. Our program also allows for homeowners' association management, which has been a proven success in Teton Valley and Alta, Wyoming.

    TVRManagement provides discounts for homeowners with multiple units, homeowners' associations, and homes with renters already in place for the duration of that tenancy. Unique to our business is our "if you don't get paid, we don't get paid" policy. TVRManagement does not charge for up-front set-up, initiation, or administration fees. We do not charge vacancy fees, lease turnover fees, or any other hidden fees that seem to arise with competing businesses. Apart from our standard management fee, we offer reasonable hourly rates for additional services outside the scope of our business, a rare circumstance.

    Please inquire for current rates specific to your property.

    TVRManagement has a check and double-check policy for new renters. Our stringent application process includes credit scores, reference checks, and more. Our business is the only local business to partner with Experian, a major credit reporting company. Tenants understand that a late payment can not only attract a fee, but can affect credit scores. Our stringent, professionally-drafted lease agreements protect you as the owner and provide rights to tenants. We require professionally cleaned carpets upon each vacancy. Move-in and move-out checks, as well as periodic mid-tenancy checks, and are part of every property management agreement we have.

    Software and Accounting
    The ability for tenants to pay their rent and for some of our owners to receive funds (such as owners active in the military or those traveling) can be challenging at times. TVRManagement’s solution is the only system of its kind in Teton Valley. We provide an online portal for tenants to pay rent online, and we provide ACH bank deposits and online reporting for homeowners. For those renters and homeowners who prefer, we offer mail delivery and accept checks via post or local delivery.

    Our long-term program has a stringent accounting process. At this time, property management is unfortunately unregulated in Idaho. However, our management team has been working closely with the Idaho Association of Realtors to provide mandatory training and licensure for all property managers. Our accounting system provides separate accounts for operation funds, security and pet deposits, and our business administration funds, without exception.

    Our Experience as Real Estate Agents
    TVRManagement does not require any of our customers to work with our sister company Teton Valley Realty. However, having licensed agents working with your property management rentals provides benefits. Property Management is a standard part of real estate agent training. Not only that, but Wyoming requires all property managers to be licensed. Currently, we are the only property management company with real estate licenses in both states.

    TVRManagement’s property management marketing programs are separate for each part of our business. Our long-term management program offers a dedicated website and an unparalleled marketing program locally in Teton Valley and across the web. We utilize social media, search engine optimization for our websites, local print media, and more. We also work closely and cooperate with newspaper agencies and other important local publications, as well as our local Chamber of Commerce.
    Teton Valley Realty Management’s long-term management solutions are certain to impress. Visit us on the web for current listings, local information, and references, of course. Our management company also provides a price match guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing all of these services aren't coming with a premium price tag.