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    What type of services do YOU need? Teton Valley Realty Management Offers a wide variety of management services. We know every owner will have specific needs. TVRManagement has the tools, the resources, and the team to help you reach your management goals.

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  • TVRManagement, Inc., was established in 2006 as a result of demand for professional, effective property management in Teton Valley. At that time, the business was structured to conform to current and future state and federal requirements, to provide an easier line of communication with homeowners, to provide knowledge and professionalism in regards to tenancy and equal housing, and to provide unparalleled customer service. On top of all of that, we knew we had to provide an aggressive approach regarding marketing with an online and local presence.

    In order to accomplish this, we hired counsel to draft protective lease agreements, prepared a training program for current and future employees, and created a program for a variety of management services based on the needs of hundreds of real estate clients over decades of real estate service.

    We created separate property management programs within our management business specific to the type of property or service so the needs of our customers would be at the forefront of each customer's specific program. We then created custom websites and marketing programs, as well as separate accounting to provide peace of mind. Each of our property management programs, and the marketing and accounting pertaining to each program, is explained in detail via the section above.

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    • Competitive & Fair Rates
    • ZERO Turnover Fees
    • ZERO Vendor Mark-up
    • Extensive Tenant Screening Program
    • Unmatched Marketing Programs for Minimal Vacancy
    • Dedicated Software & Channel Marketing Programs
    • Transparency & Honesty via Owner Portals and Monthly Reporting
    • End-of-Year Reporting to Make Tax Filing Easy